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A guide to curtain care and cleaning

on March 28, 2023

Curtains are the perfect finishing touch to any room. They allow you to add character but also have functional benefits such as insulation, light control and privacy. If you’ve made the investment, you’ll want to make sure that you can enjoy them for years to come. With their timeless looks and quality fabrics, they’ll stand the test of time if you care for them properly.

While curtains are fairly low maintenance, they do get exposed to dirt, dust, and even pet hair, affecting their longevity. Knowing how to clean your curtains correctly will protect you from allergens and extend the life of your curtains for years to come. 

Knowing when to clean your curtains

At least once a year, you should give your curtains a good clean to keep them maintained. We recommend doing this in Summer, so they dry quickly and easily outside. Otherwise, you can give your curtains a quick shake or even vacuum to keep them fresh in the meantime. 

If you’re renting, you should give your curtains a thorough clean at the end of your lease to help ensure you get your full bond back. 

Curtain cleaning methods

Before you jump right into cleaning your curtains, it’s important to know what kind of material they are made from so you know how to treat them properly. Otherwise, you may end up using a curtain cleaning method that ruins them. 

Check what kind of fabric your curtains are made from and whether there are any special care instructions. Take special care if you have lined curtains, and separate the different types as they may have unique care needs.

How to spot clean curtains

If your curtains don’t require a deep clean or they are a very delicate sheer fabric, you can spot clean them. Use water and mild detergent to sponge any areas of concern gently. If you need to remove a stain, alternate dabbing with a sponge and some white wine vinegar until it’s gone.

Always do a spot check to test how your curtains react to your detergent and other chemicals. You can then rinse the spots with cold water and hang the curtains to dry.  

How to vacuum curtains

If your curtains don’t require too much cleaning, you can simply vacuum them while they are still hanging, using a soft brush attachment if you have one. You can do this as often as you like, and it will remove any dust, debris or pet hair that has built up. You can also give them a quick shake for a very simple refresh. 

How to steam clean curtains

Steam cleaning your curtains is a great way to ensure fresh, new curtains without even taking them down. It’s also an option for heavier curtains such as blockout ones, which can get easily waterlogged and then nearly impossible to dry.  

How to hand wash curtains

Handwashing your curtains is usually the safest option to give them a refresh. After you take them down, make sure to remove any hardware. Use a gentle detergent to give your curtains a soft scrub, taking extra care with delicate fabrics. 

How to machine wash curtains

Some lightweight curtains made out of sturdy materials can be machine-washed. Set your washing machine to a delicate cycle or the lowest possible temperature and slowest spin cycle. Remove any hardware before you wash your curtains and use regular detergent with some fabric softener if you wish. 

Dry cleaning curtains

Occasionally, your curtains will be made out of a material that requires special care. For example, we recommend that you dry clean curtains with blockout lining. Always check the care instructions first.

Hang and dry

Once your curtains are fresh and clean, it’s important that you leave them to dry naturally. A light breeze will get rid of any lingering odours, but make sure you don’t leave them in the sun for too long as this can lead to fading. 

While your curtains are drying outside, you can dust and clean the curtain tracks, windows and sills for a spick and span finish. 

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