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Unsure about the look and the benefits of cellular blinds?

on March 28, 2023

Where you are looking for a clean, simple, soft, modern look that will withstand the rough treatment.
and tumble of family life, Cellular Blinds are a practical, hard wearing and durable window
Cellular blinds keep homes warm in winter and cool in summer reducing the need to put on your cooling or heating and therefore using less energy, saving you money in the long run.

Client questions would be.

  • Do they collect dust?…Our Cellular Blinds are anti-static which gives them the ability to repel dust and making them easier to clean.
  • What are they like for insulation?…… Cellular blinds offer better insulation than any other blind product on the market.
  • Is the fabric sturdy?…. Yes, they are made from a polyester composition and very hardwearing, perfect for family life.
  • How good are they at blocking out light? With no light holes these are one of the best blind options for blocking out light in bedrooms and theatres.
Cellular Blinds

We have options with fabrics which allow sheer, light filter, and blockout. Combine two fabric options together and opt for the Day/night. Available in a wide range of colours. They also create minimal visual impact when pulled fully up.

The options for control mechanisms all comply with child safety standards. The options range from Cord lock, Mono Cord, Cordless and Motorised.

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